Friday, June 17, 2016

Sober Living in Houston, TX: Best City for A Career

For recovering addicts looking to start a career Houston, Texas is the place to do it. Houston’s Job market isn’t as strong as it once was a few years ago, but the city still ranks in the top 10 best cities to start a career. WalletHub a finance website recently released a ranking of the top 150 cities for starting a career. Texas grabbed 4 cities in the top 10. Houston ranked No. 9 overall and No.2 for professional opportunities.Based on a score compiled using eight professional opportunity metrics and nine quality of life metrics. Each city on the list refers to the city proper and excludes surrounding metro areas, the Texas City stole the 9th spot. In recent years the struggle has been real for young Americans finding a job. Hiring is on the rise in 2016, and employers plan to hire more, according to the National Association of College and Employers. There is optimism for sobriety in 2016, with the recent heroin epidemic and opioid painkiller addiction taking lives of famous celebrities. Americans are starting to wake up to the drug addiction effecting its nation. Many drug addicts fear going to treatment due to maintaining their current job. Although returning to an old environment straight out of drug rehab is concerning, Sober Living in Houston offers recovery and employment opportunities.  After completion of a drug and alcohol treatment center it is encouraged that you move into a sober living home. Those active in career building or a finding a part time job while attending school can benefit from the support of the sober living home, because at home support in recovery can increase chances at long term sobriety and success in the workplace. Work can be stressful and reclaiming your spot in the workplace after your addiction, can be difficult. Having the ongoing support of your recovery peers in your sober house and the structure of a sober living environment can make a large difference. Sober living houses allow you to practice the tools of recovery in everyday life, returning from a stressful day at work and being able to talk to someone about it, can make all the difference.  Sober living houses are designed to provide structure and peer support for addicts in recovery.  When co-workers venture off to the bars to celebrate a long work week, you can venture off with your sober living roommates instead. The house provides residents with regular alcohol tests/drug tests, a curfew, chores, and involvement in the 12-steps of recovery. Many recovering addicts claim that holding down a steady job was difficult in their addiction.  So if you’re looking for a recovery, and a city that is ranked high for starting a career and professional opportunities. Sober living in Houston could be the best choice for you.
If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, and is looking for help. Contact Us today for Sober Living in Houston and other Cities across Texas and Colorado. Our highly trained admissions team can help consult you with treatment care options and sober living options in your area.

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