Monday, April 4, 2016

Eudaimoina Sober Living in Houston, Texas - Sober Living Vs Returning Home

Residential Treatment Centers offer evidence-based therapeutic interventions to address substance use disorders. Combing treatment modalities with a twelve-step program a residential inpatient curriculum is built to meet all addiction needs. This is just the beginning of the life long process of recovery. After Completion of a rehab center, you must choose between transitioning into a Sober Living House or Return Home.  A sober living house are for addicts and alcoholics. These types of homes differ from rehab centers. People who reside in a sober house can usually come and go as they please as long as they follow curfew and house rules. Residents are usually required to take random drug tests to ensure sobriety. People who live in sober houses are expected to be responsible for themselves, paying for rent, buying and cooking their own food, much like if they were living in a regular house. This is an important stay in recovery. Addicts and alcoholics usually had an enabler in their life, somehow who would do these things for them. In their addiction, addicts usually act in immature and irresponsible ways. A Sober Living house does require a certain level of accountability from their residents and allows opportunities for growth. These homes are usually located in quiet neighborhoods, much like an average house. Here are some reasons for sober house vs returning home.

Reasons for Sober Living Home
  • Accountability
  • Safe and Sober Living Environment
  • Strong Support Group
  • Meeting Like Minded People in Sobriety
  • Drug Testing
  • Safe Integration Back into Society
  • Fresh Start

Reasons for Returning Home
  • Family and Friends
  • Significant Other
  • Pets
  • Financial Reasons/Job
  • Doesn’t want to live with strangers
  • Is Comfortable Living at Home
Making the Right Choice
There are many reasons to return home or move into sober living. Look at the list above for further guidance. If you’re uneasy about sobriety when leaving treatment, a sober living home sounds like a good choice for you.

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